Each year the Office of the President-Risk Services provides campuses with funding to prevent losses. The program is called Be Smart About Safety, or BSAS. At Berkeley, Risk Services administers the BSAS program for general liability, property liability, automobile liability, and employment liability risks.

If you are aware of a serious general, property, or automobile risk that a relatively small appropriation can fix, you are welcome to apply for a BSAS grant by contacting Risk Manager Andy Goldblatt at omandias@berkeley.edu. Please include the following information:

  • Nature of risk
  • Any losses that have already resulted from the risk
  • Proposed solution
  • Cost of solution (writtten estimates)
  • Chart string

Risk Services evaluates BSAS applications from both a risk and cost perspective. Funding is limited, so not all applications will be granted. In some cases, Risk Services may only be able to fund part of a loss prevention project. Applications are subject to approval not just from Risk Services, but from the Chancellor’s Office and the Office of the President-Risk Services. 

Applications are reviewed from July through January. If the application is approved, funding usually arrives in June.