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We use the term “Risk Services” to describe two closely-related functions:

Traditional risk management, which began some 400 years ago and primarily addresses insurable risks. Duties include administering the University’s insurance programs, coordinating litigation, reviewing insurance and indemnification language in contracts, and issuing insurance documents on behalf of the campus.

Enterprise risk management, which started in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a tool to identify and prevent organizational disasters like the Enron collapse and, more recently, the demise of BearStearns and the molestation scandal at Penn State.

We call ourselves "Risk Services" because we believe everyone is a risk manager, and our job is to provide the service and support you need to succeed in that role.  As part of its mission, the Office of Risk Services also handles:

  • Policy access and coordination
  • Delegations of authority
  • Conflict of interest (non-research)

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Traditional Risk Services


  • Insurance
  • Contract Review
  • Event Planning Consultation
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Waivers and Other Forms
  • Be Smart About Safety (BSAS) Program
  • Risk Training for Your Unit
  • Claims Administration and Lawsuit Coordination
  • Lots More Risk- and Insurance-Related Services

Please contact us immediately about floods, fires, or travelers in distress. During business hours we can be reached at risk@berkeley.edu or 510-642-5141. If you have a night or weekend emergency (something that absolutely can't wait until the next morning or Monday) please call 510-289-8282.



Enterprise Risk Services (ERM)

The job of enterprise risk services is to shine a light into every corner of the organization to identify, assess, and rank the organization's strategic, operational, compliance, and financial risks and to mitigate the domino effect failure in one area can have on all the others.

Recent events have shown that the biggest risks to an organization do not always emerge from traditional, insurable risks.  Rather, they seem to come out of parts of the organization that management did not necessarily realize  carried so much risk or the ability to rattle the organization to its core.

With good data about campuswide risks, senior management is better positioned to achieve organizational objectives by:

  • Understanding the risks the organization faces,
  • Declining or accepting those risks based on knowledge and not intuition, and
  • Ensuring risks are adequately controlled and monitored. 

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Customs Clearance Process

Customs clearance is required whenever an import shipment arrives in the United States.  Shipments valued over $2,500 require formal clearance by a customs broker.   The Regent’s customs broker, American Cargoservice, Inc., has the customs power-of-attorney to arrange customs clearance on behalf of the University of California. Please contact your Buyer for inbound or outbound international shipments questions.

Home/Ride Share Travel Services

University of California travelers have shown continued interest in two web-based travel services: home sharing and ride sharing. Although these services offer substantial savings, they carry substantial risks. CLICK HERE to read more...