Topic or Functional areaContact Person
24/7 Claim Call-In
(Do not use for employment or medical malpractice claims)
Sedgwick CMS Call Center
(800) 416-4029
Night/Weekend Emergencies (510) 289-8282
General Questions (510) 642-5141

Professional Liability Coverage
Risk Assessments/Insurance Consultations for Events
Travel Insurance
Customized Training
Conflicts of Interest (Non-Research)
Delegations of Authority

Laila DeBerry
(510) 643-0233
(510) 643-9317
Interim Campus Risk Manager
Contract Review
Certificates of Insurance and Other Insurance Documentation
Commercial Insurance Renewals
International Risk
Janice Hing
(510) 643-9318
Enterprise Risk Analyst
Property and Auto Claims
Student Risk
Be Smart About Safety Grants
Risk Assessments/Insurance Consultations for Events

Leona Chen
(510) 643-4171
Enterprise Risk Analyst

Serious situations

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