Who Is Covered?

Who and What Is Covered By University Insurance?

  • Employees acting within the course and scope of their University employment
  • University-owned property
  • University-owned vehicles

Who and What Is NOT Covered by University Insurance?

Everyone and everything else, including:

  • Employees on their own time
  • Students*
  • Volunteers**
  • Alumni
  • Outside parties using University facilities
  • Vendors
  • Non-owned or -leased vehicles (including rental cars)
  • Non-owned property (unless the University has contractually agreed to cover and has care, custody, and control of the property)

*Unless they are under the direct, on-site supervision of a University employee acting in the course and scope of University employment, students are considered autonomous individuals responsible for their own actions.

**Volunteers are eligible for Workers' Compensation coverage IF they:

  • Fit the definition of a volunteer;
  • Fill out the Formal Volunteer form and submit it to Disability Management Services; and
  • Are directly supervised on-site by a faculty or staff member acting within the course and scope of employment