Alcohol & Other Drugs on Campus


The University of California Berkeley was established as a public institution and is intrinsically devoted to the health, safety, and well-being of every individual in the campus community. Every member of the UC Berkeley community has a role in sustaining a safe, caring, and humane environment. Students, faculty, and staff are therefore responsible for fostering a healthy environment free of alcohol & other drugs misuse. Toward that end, the campus provides education, prevention, and support services to minimize misuse; encourages treatment for members of the campus community; and sets expectations for conduct in accordance with applicable laws, University policies, and campus regulations.


  • Know and respect community policies and expectations

  • UC Berkeley’s “Principles of Community” affirm and guide our personal and collective behavior, both on campus and as we serve society. Campus policies and regulations convey specific expectations for how we foster a healthy environment free of alcohol & other substance misuses. Please learn and uphold our alcohol and other substance use-related policies.


University Health Services (UHS) provides comprehensive medical, mental health, and health promotion services to all UC Berkeley students and is your central resource for student alcohol issues. If you feel you need to discuss alcohol-related concerns (about yourself or someone else) with a trained professional, contact UHS Social Services(link is external)(link is external) at 642-6074 to make an appointment.


All Students

All students are subject to the Student Code of Conduct. Section 102.18 states that the Chancellor may impose discipline for "Manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, use, or sale of, or the attempted manufacture, distribution, dispensing, or sale of alcohol that is unlawful or otherwise prohibited by, or not in compliance with, University policy or campus regulations."

Students in Residence Halls

The Residential Code of Conduct prohibits possession, consumption, distribution, or being in the presence of alcohol by residents under the age of 21. This includes all other use of alcohol in violation of state law or University policy. 

Consumption of alcohol by residents who are 21 or older is permitted only in the resident’s assigned room, and with the provision that the door is closed and no individuals under the age of 21 are present. All other use of alcohol in violation of state law or University policy is prohibited. 

Students in Fraternities and Sororities

The campus's All-Greek social code can be found here

Student Athletes

The consumption of alcohol is inconsistent with high performance athletics. Student athletes have a responsibility to themselves and their team to refrain from conduct that detracts from achieving their maximum potential. Coaches, staff, and student athletes share the responsibility to promote a high performance lifestyle.