Are You Looking For Help Planning a Safe Trip?

The University has created a pre-trip planner for anyone planning a trip abroad. Select the continent, country, and (if available) the city you are visiting, and the planner will return information on security, health, cultural, transportation, and financial risks in that place.

The University has also created a brief but comprehensive training program for UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) students. The training is available to anyone in the University community and includes:

  • A traveler's checklist
  • A frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) page
  • A list of useful reference sites
  • Advice about food, water, and hygiene
  • Advice about vaccinations
  • Advice about physical and mental health.

To access the site:

Log in using your CalNet ID and pass phrase.

  • Click on UC Abroad Online Travel Course (you may have to do this on two consecutive screens).
  • Click on Enter. If asked to choose between preview and normal mode, choose normal.
  • Click on Launch.

The list of countries is limited to those with UCEAP programs, so the country you are going to may not be among the choices. You're welcome to choose any country, as most of the advice is the same for all nations.