Departmental Events

Departmental Events

Departmental events are covered by the University's self-insurance programs as long as they are directly supervised on-site by a University employee acting within the course and scope of employment. 

Please note that departmental "sponsorship" is not sufficient to trigger University insurance coverage. We define "sponsorship" as financial support only. University insurance coverage applies only to the extent an event is scheduled, organized, and supervised by University employees acting in the course and scope of employment, and only to the extent the University is liable for any damage or loss. Other entities that schedule, organize, or supervise a campus event (such as Registered Student Organizations or non-profit organizations) are not covered by the University's insurance, and must provide their own. 


If the departmental event includes physical activity (examples: dances, sports, working with power tools), participants must sign a waiver prior to participation. See the Waivers page for more information.

Employees acting in the course and scope of their employment and students participating in course-related activities do not have to sign waivers.

Insurance Documentation

If your department holds an off-campus event, the host facility may ask you for proof of insurance. Risk Services is the only campus unit authorized to issue proof of such coverage. To obtain the necessary documentation, please email a copy of the contract to or