University Vehicles

The University's insurance program automatically covers all department-owned or -leased vehicles registered with Fleet Services. To register a vehicle with Fleet Services, call 643-7636. 


The deductible for vehicle damage is $500 per occurrence (regardless of the type of loss) If multiple departments are involved in an accident, the at-fault department pays the deductible.

Improper Use of UC Vehicles

Risk Services may require a contribution towards the full cost of the claim for improper use of the UC vehicle. Improper use includes:

  • Use by a driver for private purposes
  • Use by a driver with a suspended license or no license at all
  • Use by a driver under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  • Reckless driving


Tickets received while operating a University-owned vehicle are the responsibility of the driver, not the University.

In Case of Vehicle Damage and/or Accident

Damage Only (No Accident)

Report the damage to Risk Services at 510-643-4171. If you discover the damage before or after business hours, leave a voicemail message. It's best to call within 24 hours of discovering the damage, but no later than three business days after discovering the damage. In no event will loss or damage be reimbursed if you report it more than 12 months from the date of occurrence.

  1. Fill out a Report of Vehicle Accident Form and send it to Risk Services via email (, fax (643-4171), or campus mail (615 University Hall MC: 1120) within three business days.
  2. Obtain two estimates from the Fleet Services list of vendors. If the accident damage is less than 80% of the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle, the department may authorize repairs and provide the FINAL REPAIR INVOICE to Risk Services.
  3. NOTE: If the vehicle damage exceeds 80% of the ACV it is considered a total loss. Sedgwick CMS will send a Property Damage Appraiser (PDA) to inspect the vehicle and obtain salvage bids.
  4. Provide a complete chartstring (acct-fund-org-prog) where your insurance reimbursement (less the deductible) should be deposited.


At the accident scene

  • Contact Police

    Contact UC Police at (510) 642-6760 or the nearest law enforcement agency to file a police report.

  • Involved Parties

    Obtain contact and insurance information from all involved parties:

    • drivers' name(s)
    • license number(s)
    • registered owner(s)
    • insurance company name, address, policy number and expiration date

    If a parked vehicle is involved and the owner/driver is not present, leave department and UC driver contact information on the windshield. This is California law and must be followed.

  • Facts

    Obtain facts about the injured person(s) and any damaged property. Describe and diagram the accident on the Report of Vehicle Accident Form in the glove compartment of the vehicle (it's in the Driver's Accident Reporting Packet). If the vehicle does not have a Driver's Accident Reporting Packet, contact Risk Services at 642-5141 and we will send one to you.

  • Photos

    Take photos following the accident to document the scene and vehicles involved. If you do not have a camera, ask the auto repair shop to take photos and give them to you.

  • Witnesses

    Obtain contact information from all witnesses so they can be reached later.

After the accident

  • In no event will loss or damage be reimbursed if you report it more than 12 months from the date of occurrence.
  • Fill out a Report of Vehicle Accident Form and send it to Risk Services within three days of the accident. Fax to (510) 643-0281or mail to Risk Services at 615 University Hall MC: 1120. Or contact the 24 hour hotline at Sedgwick CMS Call Center (800) 416-4029.
  • Obtain an estimate of repair from a University approved body shop and submit to Risk Services.
  • Forward police report/number, pictures and all other expenses related to the loss to Risk Services. Do not delay in submitting claims to Risk Services simply because some information is not available. Immediate notification is critical to the investigation and additional information can be provided later.
  • If the cost of repairs falls under 80% of the ACV, the department can move forward with repairs and provide the final repair invoice (along with a complete chartstring; acct-fund-org-prog) to Risk Services for funding.
  • If the repairs exceed 80% of the ACV the vehicle is considered a total loss. Sedgwick CMS will send Property Damage Appraisers (PDA) to inspect the vehicle and obtain salvage bids.
  • You will need to provide a complete chartstring where funds (less the deductible) should be deposited.

Reporting Damage to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

The State of California requires that all vehicle accidents resulting in bodily injury, death, or $750 or more in damage be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) using a form called the SR-1. For years, the campus did not file SR-1 forms because under California Vehicle Code 16000(b) the forms are not required for state-owned vehicles. However, in an effort to increase the accountability of campus drivers and to reinforce the message that safety is the first concern, Risk Services now files SR-1 forms with the DMV whenever a University vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in bodily injury, death, or $1,500 or more in damage and evidence indicates that the University driver is at fault.

Drivers using campus vehicles should know that their personal insurance rates and/or driving privileges may be affected as a result of the University filing SR-1 forms.