Rented Vehicles


The University's Automobile Liability Self-Insurance program DOES NOT cover rental cars. Insurance for rental vehicles must be obtained from the rental car companies.

Basic Information

If you are renting a vehicle for University business, free insurance for the vehicle is included by the following approved rental car agencies:

  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • National
  • Dollar
  • Thrifty

The insurance covers damage to the rental vehicle, injuries to people, and damage to other people's property. 

If you are renting a vehicle within the United States from one of these five rental car agencies, please DECLINE the insurance options but MAKE SURE the campus contract number is printed on the contract.

If the contract number is not printed on the contract, the rental car agency may not know the rental is in connection with University business. The rental car company may pursue you for costs associated with an accident or with damage to the vehicle, and you may be responsible for those costs. 

Non-employee rental vehicle drivers (INCLUDING STUDENTS) who get into an accident must contact the University employee authorizing the rental as soon as possible to report the accident. The employee who receives the report should in turn report the accident to Risk Services at

Any purchase of additional insurance for vehicle rentals within the US is not reimbursable unless special circumstances apply. For instance, if none of the approved rental car agencies have an outlet at your pick-up location, or if you need a specialized vehicle (such as a truck with a lift gate or an off-road vehicle), please purchase coverage for damage to the rental vehicle itself, injuries to other people, and damage to other people's property. Those expenses should be reimbursable, but to be sure, please check with your departmental business officer prior to departure.

You must purchase additional insurance when renting a vehicle in Alaska, Hawaii, US territories (with the partial exception of Puerto Rico -- see below), or foreign countries. The insurance cost is reimbursable for vehicle rentals in those locations.

For more information about insurance for rental vehicles that accommodate disabled drivers and/or passengers, please go here.

For more information about renting cars in general, please send questions to or

To rent a vehicle, please go HERE

Additional Information About International Vehicle Rentals

Travelers renting vehicles outside the US should look carefully at what rental car companies offer in terms of insurance. Automobile liability insurance is compulsory in most countries, but specific requirements vary. To be safe, UC drivers should have coverage for damage to the vehicle itself, for injuries to others, and for the property of others. If that results in additional charges, the charges are reimbursable as long as sufficient documentation is provided. Please check with your departmental business officer for further guidance prior to departure. 

UC's negotiated rates for many countries can be found in the Connexxus portal (under Safety/Insurance).

  • In Canada, UC rental rates include only liability insurance, which covers injuries and damage to others. Drivers should purchase coverage for damage to the vehicle. 
  • In Puerto Rico, National and Enterprise rates include the required coverages, but the Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty rates DO NOT. Please purchase coverage from Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty.
  • In most (though not all) other countries, the UC rental rates for National and Enterprise include insurance for damage to the vehicle, but with a deductible that varies by country and car class. Drivers should consider purchasing additional coverage for the deductibles (which can be very high) and coverage for injuries and damage to others. 
  • In most other countries, Hertz rates DO NOT include insurance coverage, although Hertz does offer rates for Europe that include insurance (posted in the Connexxus portal under Safety/Insurance).