Renters Insurance

The University of California recommends that students consider purchasing Renters Insurance if living away from home. Renters Insurance is not mandatory, and may be purchased from any source. As a service, the University has arranged for students to obtain coverage from GradGuard

Why is the University making Renters Insurance available?

The cost of going to Cal has skyrocketed in recent years, to the point where many families could have trouble paying for a loss associated with their student's housing. Renters Insurance is one option families can use to reduce their risk of financial loss due to theft, property damage, injury to other people, or damage to other people's property.

Is Renters Insurance required?


Can I get Renters Insurance elsewhere if I wish?


What does the Renters Insurance cover?

  • Personal property lost or damaged due to theft, vandalism, fire, and certain natural disasters (including earthquakes) up to the chosen policy limits.
  • Liability protection for injury to another person resulting from the student's negligence up to the chosen policy limits.
  • Liability protection for damage to another person's property resulting from the student's negligence up to the chosen policy limits.

How much does the coverage cost?

It depends on the amount of coverage you choose. A policy for $5,000 worth of property coverage and $50,000 worth of liability coverage with a $100 property deductible costs around $160, including earthquake coverage.

Who is eligible for coverage?

All undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled at UC Berkeley, whether they are living in UC housing, cooperative housing, or private housing. Non-student members of the campus community are also eligible.

I live with a roommate. What if we both want Renters Insurance?

If you live in the same room, you can share one insurance policy, which cuts the cost in half for each of you.

Is there a deductible?

Yes: $100 per property claim. Higher deductible options are available.

When can I purchase coverage?


How long does the policy last?

One year from the date of purchase.

What if I move?

Notify the insurance company in writing of your new address and your coverage will continue. You may e-mail notification to or fax to 1-305-259-4569. If you move to a different state, your premium could change.

What if I spend the semester abroad? Am I still covered?

The policy provides worldwide coverage as long as you are registered at UC Berkeley for that semester.

Can I purchase coverage for just one semester?

Currently no, the policies are annual. But monthly payment options are available and you reserve the right to cancel your policy at any time.

How do I file a claim?

Call 1-800-358-0600 as soon as possible. Have your policy number and address ready. If you filed a police report, please provide the report number.

How do I obtain coverage?

Go to GradGuard and follow the instructions.

For more information, please view the GradGuard FAQ page