Tuition Insurance

The University of California recommends that students consider purchasing Tuition Insurance to protect them financially in case they need to withdraw for medical reasons. Tuition Insurance is not mandatory, and may be purchased from any source. However, the University has arranged for students to shop for coverage directly by going to

Why is the University making Tuition Insurance available?

The cost of going to Cal has skyrocketed in recent years, to the point where most families suffer a serious financial loss if their student has to medically withdraw. Tuition Insurance is one option families can use to reduce their risk of financial loss due to non-attendance.

Is Tuition Insurance required?


Can I get Tuition Insurance elsewhere if I wish?


What does Tuition Insurance cover?

  • Medical withdrawal (100% of benefit)
  • Mental or nervous disorder leading to medical withdrawal (75% of benefit)
  • Death of the student (100% of benefit)
  • Death of tuition payer (if different from student) that leads to withdrawal (100% of benefit)

Tuition Insurance also includes a bundle of additional benefits such as:

  • Small gadget theft coverage for items such as cell phones, portable DVD players, PDAs and Blackberries, digital cameras, etc., up to $400 per claim (limit two claims per year/five items per claim)
  • Personal computer damage protection for physical and viral damage to a PC, up to $1,000 for each type of damage
  • ID theft protection and resolution services
  • Emergency medical evacuation coverage

How much does Tuition Insurance cost?

It depends on how much coverage you want. In-state undergraduates will probably want to purchase less coverage than out-of-state graduate students going to a professional school, where fees are much higher. Here are the prices for coverage effective June 1, 2010:

Coverage AmountAnnual CostMonthly Option *
$5,000 per semester/$10,000 per year $239 $19.91
$7,500 per semester/$15,000 per year $299 $24.91
$10,000 per semester/$20,000 per year $359 $29.91
$15,000 per semester/$30,000 per year $455 $37.91
$20,000 per semester/$40,000 per year $515 $42.91
$25,000 per semester/$50,000 per year $599 $49.91

* Price listed does not include a $3 processing fee for each payment

Who is eligible for coverage?

Any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled at UC Berkeley. Extension students are not eligible for coverage.

What if I'm disabled or have a pre-existing condition?

The policy does not have a pre-existing condition clause. However, the policy excludes illness or injuries that are active at the time of enrollment. For instance, if a student is being treated for pneumonia at the time of enrollment, forcing a withdrawal two weeks later, coverage would be denied.

What if I have to leave during the semester due to pregnancy?

If the pregnancy leads to medical complications that require you to withdraw, you will be covered.

What gets reimbursed if I file a claim?

The cost of attendance, including:

  • Registration Fee and Educational Fee
  • Campus Fee
  • Non-Resident Tuition Fee
  • Course Materials and Service Fees
  • Room and Board
  • Other applicable fees

Is there a deductible?

The policy does not have a deductible. However, the amount of payment will be reduced by any refund provided to you by the Registrar or other campus offices.

How do I file a claim?

Notify the insurance carrier within 30 days of the loss or as soon as possible. Your claim notice should include the name of the covered person and the policy number. Please send the claim to the following address:

Markel Insurance Company

PO Box 3870

Glen Allen, VA 23058-3870

You may also call 877-556-3984.

When can I purchase coverage?

You may purchase coverage anytime. Keep in mind, however, that if the symptoms that force you to medically withdraw are already present when you buy coverage, the insurance will not apply.

How long does the policy last?

One year from the date of purchase.

Is summer school covered?

For students who intend to register for the following fall semester, yes.

What if I spend the semester abroad? Am I still covered?

As long as you are registered at UC Berkeley for that semester, you are covered wherever you are studying.

Can I purchase coverage for just one semester?

Currently no, but the carrier is looking into it and that option may be available in the future.

How do I obtain coverage?

Go to and follow the procedures.