Student Travel Insurance

More information about the UC Travel Insurance Program can be found on the UCOP Risk And Insurance page.

If you are an employee traveling for a University-related purpose, please see the Employee Travel Insurance Page

Students Traveling on University Business

When traveling more than 100 miles from their home campus on activities sponsored and supervised by the University, students are covered 24 hours a day, worldwide, for a variety of perils. Coverage is free, but students need to REGISTER out-of-state and foreign travel at the UC Trips web site. Upon registration, students receive a trip registration card confirming coverage and containing the toll-free number to call in an emergency.

Services and Benefits

The travel insurance program offers the following services and benefits:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Rescue and Evacuation after Natural Disasters (to the degree possible)
  • Rescue and Evacuation during Local Political Crises (to the degree possible)
  • Accident/Sickness Medical Care (international travel only)
  • Travel Alerts
  • Passport Replacement Assistance and Legal Assistance Referrals
  • Trip Delay Reimbursment  
  • Personal Property Loss  
  • Up to Three Days of Coverage While Not on University Business
  • Accidental Death, Dismemberment, or Paralysis Benefits
  • Repatriation of Remains

Note: coverage does not include costs of cancellation before you leave on the trip.


If you're traveling and need help, call the toll-free number on the registration card, contact your campus department, or contact Risk Services:

Field Research Safety 

Field research safety is a top priority at Berkeley. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety(link is external) and the University of California(link is external) both offer field research safety resources. EH&S also provides resources to help researchers meet the National Science Foundation's safety and inclusivity requirements for off-campus and off-site research(link is external).

Travel Alerts

Out-of-state and international travelers can receive free real-time alerts through an online service called Worldcue TRAVELER, which provides email notices about political unrest, natural disasters, and health warnings affecting travel destinations. This is an especially valuable resource when traveling to areas where information is tightly controlled.

Please sign up for Worldcue TRAVELER on the last page of the on-line travel registration form. The sign-up paragraph reads as follows:

Click here to create your personal travel profile for this trip with Worldcue(link is external), the providers of security protection and emergency services, including security extraction and medical evacuation that may be needed when circumstances arise. 

If you have already registered your trip but neglected to sign up for Worldcue TRAVELER, you may contact Worldcue TRAVELER directly by sending an email to sends e-mail) or calling (443) 716-2419. You will need to provide your name, home campus, email address, destination, and itinerary.

Register Your Travel Companions

Traveling companions are persons traveling with the student on the same itinerary. Examples include spouses or domestic partners, children, colleagues, friends, or extended family joining the student on the trip. Individuals affiliated with other academic or corporate entities are generally not considered travel companions and should seek coverage from their home institution. In-country aides, such as drivers or translators, are not considered traveling companions either. Students must list their traveling companions when they register their own travel.

Purchase Personal Travel Coverage

The Office of the President-Risk Services has developed a travel insurance program that employees and students can purchase for personal travel. The personal travel program provides accident and sickness benefits, emergency medical and security evacuation, and other valuable travel assistance services. There are two options, the Blue Plan or Gold Plan. The Blue Plan is fairly basic. The Gold Plan includes everything in the Blue Plan plus some additional benefits.

The employee/student is responsible for payment of the premium. 

Note: The personal travel program is not affiliated with any University-provided employee benefit and the University is not making any recommendation. The University will not assist you with the personal travel program. As with any commercial travel insurance product, the traveler is responsible for arranging travel assistance services, filing claims, and resolving coverage disputes directly with the carrier.