If you are bringing recruits, their families, or anyone else to the campus for field trips, tours, overnight stays, or other activities that take guests away from home, obtain a waiver from each guest's parent/guardian. Refer to Waivers for an actual waiver you can adapt to your activity.

Here are the hazards associated with having guests on campus, and what you can do about them:

Medical emergency

In the event of a medical emergency, the host should immediately determine whether the injury is life-threatening (loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing, etc.). The default is to assume the injury is life threatening.

Here are local emergency call numbers effective April 2015:

University of California Emergency (from campus phone) 911
University of California Emergency (from cell phone) 642-3333
City of Berkeley Emergency (from land line off campus but within city limits) 911
City of Berkeley Emergency (from cell phone) 981-5911

Emotional/psychological emergency

A guest may suffer a panic attack or go wild beyond your control. Or, worse, a guest may exhibit bipolar, bizarre, or perhaps threatening behavior.

Here are local contact numbers for emotional crises:

Tang Center (regular business hours) 642-9494
Tang Center's After Hours Support Line 855-817-5667
Alameda County 24/7 crisis/suicide prevention hotline 800-309-2131

Family conflicts

A guest may tell you about ongoing abuse, neglect, or molestation in his/her life. Do not personally intervene. If you are convinced the guest is telling the truth, contact Child Protective Services or the local police and report what you have been told. By making an official report, you gain legal immunity even if the allegations are proven false.

Alcohol or narcotics

No one under the age of 21 should be offered alcohol. Hosts over 21 should not consume alcohol in the presence of guests. Narcotics should not be used under any circumstances. Hosts who have alcohol or narcotics in their home should lock their stash in a sturdy, secure place and not tell anyone about it.

Sexual harassment

Even if the attraction is mutual, sexual relations with someone under 18 may be a criminal act. NO BOOTY ON DUTY!!! Minimize one-on-one time. To protect yourself from harassment allegations, meet at a cafe or other area where many people are around and can vouch for what went on. If you have to meet in a room or office, keep doors open and window blinds up to increase the likelihood of witnesses to any he-said-she-said dispute. Do not lead somebody on by saying or doing things that suggest you're interested in a relationship.


Keep your valuables secure. Encourage guests to secure their own valuables. If you have to take responsibility for a guest's valuables, place the valuables behind locked doors and windows and keep them hidden from view of potential thieves.